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Human Resource

  • To employ the right person to the right position.
  • It's essential to share the knowledge in the Group, and all managers are obliged to train their staff.
  • Every job in the organisation is clearly described in order to obtain all duties should be done accurately. And also, the required job skills are determined to recruit the best person.
  • All authorities and responsibilities in the organisation are determined clearly as well.
  • Every manager is expected to have the talent of creating and maintaining a positive work environment that involves respect, loyalty and honesty.
  • The main principal is to use the internal sources for recruiting in the organisation.
  • Every personnel, according to his/her educational background ,talents, experiences and know-how, can equally use all monetary and the other opportunities group provides.
  • It' not suited to our organisation's culture to employ the relatives of managers'.
  • Every personnel is obliged to do his/ her duties inside of the working hours except for the accidental and indispensable situations.
  • It's regarded to maintain the relationship which is based on our organisation's culture. If some unacceptable situations are occurred continuously, the personnel related to those unwilling states , is not allowed to work in the Group again.
  • Internal communication in the Group is considered as one of the most important thing to perform the jobs speedy and get high performances. Therefore, the managers are always interested in the opinions and sights of their staff.
  • It's believed that training is a very important factor that improves the ability to perform on the job and definitely necessary and useful for the employees' individual development.